Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tado and Gola collaboration launch event!

Tado/Gola shoes!
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I recently attended the Tado and Gola collaboration launch event at the Gola store on Carnaby Street, London.
I was nervously expecting a 2 hour queue like when I tried to go to the Kidrobot opening party, but due to the timing, the downpour of rain and the lack of publicity, it was a nice calm affair.

It was great to see the colourful, cheerful characters designed by Tado, cheekily adorning the windows of the Gola shop on an otherwise grey and miserable Carnaby Street! They even had a red carpet! Once inside I was invited to have my poke my head through one of those sea-side style boards, and become a Tado character for a photograph..how could I resist!

The shoes and clothing ranges of course echo Tado's colourful kawaii style. Bright, vibrant colours, can't help but make you smile!

I had a chance to catch up with the Tado duo, Mike and Katie for the first time. I couldn't believe that they managed to keep the collaboration so quiet, despite working on it for over a year! Tado were just as I expected them to be, warm, friendly and welcoming.

I left with a couple of cool badges with the new characters on, some postcards, and a pot of candyfloss to boot, venturing back out from this colourful haven, into the grey drizzle....

Click on the picture above to check out more photos of the event on Flickr.com